Questions and Answers

My check engine light is on in my semi truck. Do you have software to diagnose a Volvo?

YES!  We have OEM computer software for every make and model of tractor and engine, which includes Mack and Volvo.

My truck broke down and I have a time sensitive perishable load. Can you deliver my load?

YES!   Not only do we have wreckers to tow you, we have a full service shop that can begin your repairs while a member of our team delivers your load for you.

I went in the ditch with my kids in the van. Can you help with my van and also my kids?

YES!   Many of our wreckers offer seating for 4 individuals, however; if you  require transportation for more than 4, we will make sure to dispatch a member of our team to transport everyone in your group.

My driver abandoned my semi truck and trailer. Can you secure my equipment?

YES!  We have a safe and secure lot that can be used to store large equipment, such as: semi trucks and trailers all the way down to motorcycles, for as short or as long as you need!

My load has shifted and I'm at a scale. Can you help reposition my cargo?

YES!  Based on the needs of your cargo, we will dispatch equipment to you that can get your cargo repositioned and get you back on the road.  We will not leave until you have scaled out and all weights are legal!

I ran out of gas. Can you help me?

YES!  In addition to wreckers, we also have a fully equipped service truck in our fleet that can assist with both gas and diesel fuel delivery.